Tangle AR App

2023 - present

TANGLE is a nimble Augmented Reality creation* app for iOS devices. It allows users to draw through space, adding and connecting shapes, images, planes, and text to surfaces in the world — intuitively, gesturally, and on the fly.

Tangle aims to be the in-your-pocket spatial annotation tool for the wanderer and the ponderer, for the designer and the amateur, for the poet and the professional. In this accelerationist era of generative artificial intelligence, metaverse land-grabs, and burgeoning immersive spatial computing, its our mission to foster a thoughtful, collaborative, playful, and improvisational dimension of our increasingly device-mediated environments. Artist-built and artist-led, Tangle will critically embed the thoughts, doodles, and visions of a creative decentralized community into the emerging geo-locational mixed reality.

In sustained collaborative dialogue with Chat-GPT-4, Flato taught herself IOS development and created the Tangle MVP.

*Geolocation features for saving and discovery coming soon.

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