Do-Lorem Ipsum


This exhibition wall text appears, on first glance, to be placeholder lorem ipsum text. However, the hyphenation of a "do-" installed on the inside of the wall caddy-corner to the majority of the text hints to more nuanced content.

In a 1914 first edition of Cicero's classic treatise on ethics, De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum, "On the Ends of Good and Evil", the Latin original text is shown side-by-side with its English translation. The first words on page 36 of the book, “lorem ipsum,” are meaningless without the prefix left hyphenated on the previous page; reconnected, the words read "dolorem ipsum" — "pain itself" — rather than "[gibberish] itself" or "very [gibberish]". Today, a scrambled version of the paragraphs that follow is ubiquitously utilized in word processors to autofill a page with loops of nonsensical placeholder text, a curious de-contextualization of philosophically earnest material.

In this wall text version of the material, the Latinate source material loops in on itself, loosing its form as it spans the wall.

vinyl wall text
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