DRAFTx.IO is an online platform for the fictional space, Domain Reserve for Art and Frontier Space (alternately styled, Draft, TX). It takes its brief from both the state of Texas and the letter X.

DRAFTx.IO presents a looping carousel of narrated ‘tours’ of Texas landscapes spliced together from Google Street Views. The narrator, a salesperson-avatar generated from the voice and likeness of the artist, speaks to the scenes behind her with scripts appropriated from destiny-commanding, horizon-striving men of American history and literature. In doing so, she assumes the role of Columbia, the traditional white female personification of ‘American Progress’ and the ‘frontier spirit’. The avatar faces away from the scene and out towards the viewer, altogether removed — in disposition and often words — from alternately mythic, contested, nationalistic and overlooked sites which she purports to represent.

interactive website featuring Google Streetview scenes, digital avatar, and computer-generated audio. INSTALLATION MATERIALS: monitor with built-in speaker, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, aluminum extrusion system, mirrored acrylic sheet, custom printed fabric, velcro
installation dimensions variable
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