QR Sky


"QR Texas Sky" is public artwork, urban enhancement, and virtual gateway that activates an unexpected, reflective moment for drivers and pedestrians passing (and perhaps pausing) beneath an underpass.

"QR Texas Sky" is an interactive mural and light installation that, at its simplest, invites passers-beneath to look up. It creates space in a bridge of weight, opening up the imposing underpass. Its glowing black and white tiles evoke the iconic night sky of Texas, embedded in another iconic motif of the Texas urban landscape: the looping swirls of highway. Interspersed with QR codes, the work serves as a portal to a parallel virtual dimension.

This work is also a functional augmentation to an urban challenge, casting bright, diffused light over the space at night therefore making it safer for potential pedestrians, while also maintaining a dynamic, activated presence during the day.

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