On End[s]

On End[s]


Through a repeated focus on the common ‘placeholders’ of lorem ipsum text and the anonymizing form of a default avatar, the collection of works that makes up On End[s] explores meaning-making and gibberish, embodiment and constraint, and the proclivity (computer and human alike) to loop and glitch. It consists of three discrete components:

  • a well-worn 1914 edition of Cicero's De Finibus with all but the lorem ipsum source pages replaced with machine-learned and recombined texts (Return Lipsum Corpus);
  • mirrored screens with looping video animations of a 3D-scanned bust (based on the default avatar form, embodied) synced with dueling two-channel audio (Recite Lipsum Corpus); and
  • two freestanding 'autocues'/’teleprompters’ streaming meditations on pleasure and pain algorithmically-generated from a recurrent neural network (Generate Lipsum Corpus).

The name of the series is a play on the English translation of the title, De Finibus: "On Ends".

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